Animal Parade KidGreenz, 90 chewable tablets

R 595.00

90 Count Bottle, 3 months supply. 
Animal shaped chewables. 

Animal Parade® KidGreenz® deliver the health benefits of high energy, phytonutrient-rich green superfoods from land and sea in succulent tropical fruit-flavoured chewable tablets.
KidGreenz Superfood Complex features broccoli, spinach, spirulina, kelp, lactic flora growth accelerants and other nutritional powerhouses that are often absent from kids' diets.
If getting your child to eat vegetables is frustrating, don’t worry: Kids won’t know tasty Animal Parade KidGreenz is good for them. It’s nutrition in disguise!

  • KidGreenz Superfood Complex supplies whole foods like broccoli (psst…don’t tell them!)
  • Also supplies lactic flora growth accelerants to help support a healthy intestinal environment
  • Delicious Tropical Fruit flavor your kids will love!
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free