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Nature’s Plus (US) range of quality wholefood-based vitamin and nutritional supplements including their unique range of specially formulated kids supplements range - Animal Parade

Animal Parade premium multivitamins, vitamins and supplements for kids draw on the earth's natural sources to give children the highest level of nutritional support on the market. Every Animal Parade product is enhanced with Source of Life®'s proprietary blends of added goodness at optimum potency and purity.

Animal Parade is a range of incredibly delicious, 100% natural vitamin and mineral supplements, specially formulated to offer the most comprehensive supplement for kids' optimum health. The delicate nutritional needs of children require special supplementation for peak health and vitality. Combining the natural goodness of wholefoods with a balanced profile of nutrients is what makes Animal Parade a complete dietary supplement and the best choice for children.

Derived from WholeFoods * Vegan * Sugar Free * All Natural