Animal Parade DHA Kids, 90 chewable tablets

R 795.00

90 Count Bottle, 30 Servings

Omega 3 Fatty Acids Chewables with smooth, fast-dissolving texture.

Animal Parade® DHA Kidz chewable tablets are a delicious and convenient way for your kids to get the essential fatty acids they need. The superior-quality Animal Parade DHA offers a rich source of DHA, the Omega-3 essential fatty acid that delivers critical support for your kids overall well-being. 

  • 40 mg of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), a key omega-3 fatty acid
  • Supports brain function
  • Includes vitamins A, D & E, along with crucial minerals
  • Optimized for greatest absorption
  • Features a smooth, fast-dissolving texture
  • Delicious Cherry flavour your kids will love