AgeLoss Sleep Support, 60 tablets

R 799.00

60 Count Bottle (30 Servings)

NaturesPlus® AgeLoss® Sleep Support promotes sleep by countering sleep-destroying, catabolic factors that accumulate with age. It supplies brain antioxidants, as well as powerful melatonin and neurotransmitter precursors to help you re-establish the youthful, rejuvenating sleep cycles you deserve.

AgeLoss Sleep Support includes:

  • Fully Potentiated Total Sleep Control: Nobody knows your sleep needs better than you. Thats why AgeLoss Sleep Support lets you control the sleep nutrients you get. One tablet gives you an effective 3 mg melatonin boost, while two tablets give you a powerful 6 full mg of melatonin. And, no matter which strength you choose, each milligram of melatonin comes potentiated with nutrients that promote the production of sleep-generating neurotransmitters, including serotonin-boosting 5-HTP, L-Dopa, casein decapeptides and melatonin-maximising 6-MBOA.
  • REJUVABOLIC Full Spectrum Antioxidant Blend: Achieving more than 3000 total ORAC value, this vibrant complex of antioxidant-packed botanicals such as grape seed, wild bilberry and blueberry, plus key anti-aging compounds trans-resveratrol and quercetin, contains a wide array of powerful antioxidants that are customised to sustain your natural cellular sleep-generating functions.
  • FIRST DAY Healthy Inflammation Response Blend: Antioxidant-dense whole foods and nutrients, such as olive fruit, turmeric, trace minerals and Thione Complex, promote healthy inflammation response.
  • Organic Gold Standard Potentiating Nutrients optimise these anti-aging sleep factors.

Countering oxidative stress and age-related sleep disruptors, NaturesPlus AgeLoss Sleep Support takes a never-before-seen approach to promoting youthful, restful and restorative sleep!